Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Workshop and open moment in SIN 21.08.2013.

 workshop hours 3-6 pm
open moment: 7pm

In “Phantom Sensation” project we work at the intersection of dance and neuroscience, dwell and examine in practical and theoretical terms the phenomenon of phantom sensations. What we try to understand is if and how the phantomic experience of reality can inform the movement improvisational practices, and whether it can create a distinctive frame for thinking about some aspects of performance. It is a transdiciplinary venture.

To the workshop we invite everyone who would like to experience and play with what we call “phantomic sensation”. Through exercises involving touch, words, work with partner and eyes closed we will investigate different  modes of sensorial, attentional  and physical engagement in body awareness processes. From this point we will explore our moving-selfs.

In the open moment  we will share and discuss our research - concept of phantomic sensation and address the specificity of work emerging from the dialog between experience and neuroscientific knowledge.

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