Tuesday, August 20, 2013

If I were a mountain

Floating thoughts, and many questions. 

What body appears, what body interests us ? 

There is a desire to enter a state of potentiality. A state or even a temporary cosmos where the differentiation between moving body and self melts. State in which a new organization may offer not yet quite familiar functionality. As if dance would derive from testing and learning new ways of functioning. 
Body that may transgress a common, daily formation. 
Body that dwells a certain “thing”, something that describes a body. So the body may become “something”, where the “something” might be an action as well, or a memory or a creature. And that something is being processed while moving.  

Body that listen also through touch. 
What happens when the stimulation comes ? How do I allow a stimulation to be translated? So we often touch each other. The touch we work with is also that which I have learned from Rosalind Crisp. For the stimulation we are borrowing, and using her tools. There is a vast of information that might be transferred through touch. Stimulating touch – one that contains variety of qualities and potentiality of movement may trigger an imaginary world for the receiver. Allowing appears to be an issue. It is up to the receiver what she ( as we are three females working in the project) will do with the stimulation, how she takes it into movement, or will be taken by it.

Sometimes we work with as least informative touch as possible, kind of a pancake or a tart. It is not very exciting, but we value, it gives warmth, and with time the information melts to the body, does not give much stimuli, but it is up to the receiver what she might do with that place under the pancake

Within the phantomic sensation research we are also searching and finding something underneath, that may underlay performative presence, and movement – something else to the will, something that leaves a trace, and triggers difference in a body schema, evoking mental images as well...
And that difference in the body schema may become visible for a viewer, when the body image changes.

Body that is reformulating itself while moving. Body that can surrender to the image from within – a proprioceptive image, by inhabiting for instance different qualities of touch that it receives. Body that discovers its functionality a new.

Where are the borders of the body, and how they change in this practice ? Reference to phantoms certainly point that aspect. How do we feel, and experience as real that what emancipates itself in loss?

There is also a certain pleasure in a state where the body comes in a contact with an environment (understanding that term after Lisa Nelson). When coming in contact with an environment a relation happens. Relation within – with self, with a trace of the stimuli, with an image that may arise, with the desire which might be fulfilled in movement, with the space we share, with time. (We did not work with focus on relation to space and time directly, as for some of us it was already supportive issue) We worked mostly with translating various touch-stimuli, observing images that may arise, letting them go either in movement or in saying stories – that might be touch-stimuli-image reports, or memories, or streams of associations, or others.

Coming in the contact with environment gives a possibility to experience something pleasent, something profound–  forgetting oneself, a potential of union...  

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